Full body massage by naked masseuse, body-to-body massage, body massage (with elbows, calves, thighs, belly and buttocks), breast massage, mutual satisfaction, autoeroticism, prostate massage, lesbian show, light SM and showering together. Massage is concluded with hand job and climax between breasts.

1 masseuse

30 min / 1.100 CZK, 40  EURO
45 min / 1.300 CZK, 50 EURO
60 min / 1.700 CZK, 65 EURO
90 min / 2.100 CZK, 80 EURO
120 min / 2.600 CZK, 100 EURO
180 min / 4.200 CZK, 160 EURO

2 masseuses

30 min / 1.700 CZK, 65 EURO
60 min / 2.700 CZK, 105 EURO AKCE 95EURO, Akce  2400 kč
90 min / 3.200 CZK, 125 EURO
120 min /4.200 CZK, 160 EURO
180 min /7000 CZK,  270 EURO

3 masseuses

60 min / 3.500 CZK, 135 EURO
90 min / 4.700 CZK, 180 EURO
120 min / 5.700 CZK, 220 EURO
180 min / 9.400 CZK, 360 EURO


Tantrism, or tantra, is the name of a style of meditation and rituals that originated in the India before the fifth century AD. The word „tantra“ was for the first time used in India’s sacred collection of Vedic hymns Rgveda. Tantra influenced Hinduism, Sikhism, bön, Buddhism, and Jainism. Along with Buddhism, Tantra spread to East and Southeast Asia.

Tantric massage is unique ritual based on tantric philosophy and principles. In recent time, tantric massages are more and more popular with man, woman and couples. You will experience mental and physical excitement and other new enjoyment through tantric massage.

Tantric massage is a way how you can get out of the boundaries of everyday life and fully dedicate yourself to the present moment. You are welcome to enjoy our perfect tantric massages !!

Certificated masseuse Sofi

60 min / 2.100,- CZK / 80 EUR
90 min / 2.700,- CZK / 105 EUR
120 min / 3.500,- CZK / 135 EUR
180 min / 4.900,- CZK / 190 EUR



This massage makes body contact, which is very erotic and irritating.

We offer massage with coconut oil, which is ideal for massage and even the erotic ideal. Erotic massage includes full body massage and the benefits of this massage are not just excitement and climax. Everything that excites us, what we like and what we like … all this can be done by coconut oil.

Erotic massage with coconut oil can, in addition to the culmination itself, also bring a feeling of joy, absolute euphoria. The hormone of happiness that is released to the brain, for example, after sex, erotic games or erotic massages is an integral part of our sensuality and feeling of pleasure. Massages, even those with coconut oil erotic massage, are suitable for anyone who is not afraid to discover something new, sensual, they are designed for those who love eroticism and are looking for ways to enjoy life, relax and gain strength.

 COCONUT OIL Coconut oil not only hydrates the skin well, it keeps our skin youthful and supple, but coconut oil is also excellent as a lubricant.

The great advantage of coconut oil lies in its purely natural composition. And, unlike other lubricants, it does not contain any preservatives. Unforgettable and unmatched is also the smell of coconut oil. It is the natural scent of coconut that is relaxing, intense and helps reduce stress and fatigue. Try to take the coconut oil into the bedroom and you will see that erotic fun will be taken care of.

You can use it not only for erotic massage but also as an excellent natural lubricant. Coconut oil under the blanket – and eroticism gets a completely different flavor!

1 masseuse

30 min / 1.200,- , 45 EURO
60 min / 1.800,- , 70 EURO
90 min / 2.200,- , 85 EURO
120 min / 2.800,- , 110EURO
180 min / 4.500,-180 EURO

2 masseuses

30 min / 1,900- , 75EURO
60 min / 2.800,- , 110 EURO
90 min / 3.500,- 135 EURO
120 min / 4.400,- 170 EURO
180 min / 7.600,- 290 EURO

3 masseuses

30 min / 2.500,- , 95 EURO
60 min / 4.000,- 155EURO
90 min / 5.300,- , 205 EURO
120 min / 6.500,- , 250 EURO
180 min / 10.000,- , 385EURO


Erotic massage for both partners to finish to your liking. The mutual satisfaction of the hands or sex partners in the company of a girl who is engaged by prior arrangement. Want to feel like paradise? You’ll feel the same way, but try to each invite two straight girls!

1 masseuse

60 min / 2.200 CZK, 85 EURO
90 min / 2.600 CZK,100 EURO
120 min / 3.500 CZK,135 EURO

2 masseuse

60 min / 3.200 CZK,125 EURO
90 min / 4.200 CZK, 160 EURO
120 min / 5.200 CZK 200 EURO


Erotic body massage where the masseuse massages the whole body massage nude body to body massage (massage elbows, calves, thighs, stomach and buttocks), breast massage, mutually satisfying, masturbation.

1 masseuse

30 min / 1.100 CZK,40 EURO
60 min / 1.700 CZK,65 EURO
90 min / 2.100 CZK, 80 EURO
120 min / 2.600 CZK, 100EURO


If you enjoy two girls playing sexy games and smooching together, then the lesbian show is for you. Two girls smooching, touching each other tenderly, kissing and moaning together in your presence – all this and more awaits you in our lesbian show. Our girls are ready to massage each other, and you can join in not just as a spectator enjoying the sight of their gorgeous nude bodies, but you can also get involved in the games and caressing. Our masseuses can together massage your body, with the mutual friction taking you exactly where you want to go.

A vibrator may be used when the two girls touch each other. You will feel their moist tongues, hot touches and sensual bodies everywhere. The pleasure and caresses of the masseuses’ gentle fingers are incredibly intense and are sure to awaken your desire and unbridled passion.

The lesbian show is a remarkable erotic experience. It will awaken the lust, desire and excitement within you. Your explosive passion will take you straight to paradise.

Do you enjoy hot threesomes? Do you enjoy two girls having it off?


30 min / 1.900,- , 70/EURO
60 min / 2.900,-110 / EURO
90 min / 3.600,- , 140/ EURO
120 min / 4.600,- 175 EURO


Our strip show is a unique experience not just for individuals.

Strip shows are a great unconventional gift for birthday boys, or for stag parties. Our girls are professionals, and they know how to make their strip show a very special occasion.

We’ll arrange great entertainment for your private or company party. Our girls aren’t just gorgeous, but their work is also impeccable and professional. They are awaiting you in our strip show in various costumes, or just in sexy underwear revealing their incredible bodies.

Want something unusual, yet perfect, for your party? Our strip show guarantees high quality entertainment with a note of eroticism!

We also offer other types of erotic massage, such as soapy erotic massage, nuru massage, massage with tenga egg and also strip shows and lesbian shows.

You’ll find us in the centre of Prague, Prague – Vinohrady, Prague – New Town.

Do you enjoy hot threesomes? Do you enjoy two girls having it off?


30 min / 1.700,- , 70 EURO
60 min / 2.800,- akce 2500,- , 110 EURO
90 min / 3.500,- , 135 EURO
120 min / 4.500,- , 175 EURO


The soap massage originated in Turkey and belongs to the class of steam massages. Thanks to the pleasant fragrant soap special this massage is very nice and slippery. How best to enjoy a massage before and in the company of beautiful naked girls? Restores your body’s senses and also warm up your body so that you will want it to never end.

1 masseuse

30min/1.200CZK, 50EURO

60 min / 1.800 CZK, 70 EURO
90 min / 2.200 CZK, 85 EURO
120 min / 2.700CZK, 105 EURO

2 masseuse

30min/…, 80EURO

 60 min / 2.800 CZK, 110 EURO
90 min / 3.500 CZK 135 EURO
120 min / 4.500CZK 175 EURO


Nuru massage is performed with special Nuru gel, which is applied warm to your whole body. Nuru massage is a “body to body” massage and you can be sure that the masseuse will massage the whole of your body. Nuru massage is a mixture of fun and sensuality. Fun, because nuru gel is extremely slippery and it is never possible to say beforehand how the massage will be … you and your masseuse will slide together… have fun together and react to each other in the moment. The massage is definitely sexy and very erotic because, with the nuru gel, you experience movement and touch in a unique way. Nuru massage really is body on body and, therefore, it is a very intense experience. If you don’t enjoy more traditional massage aspects of an erotic massage, then Nuru massage could be for you.

1 masseuse

30 min / 1.400 CZK, 50 EURO
60 min / 2.000 CZK, 75 EURO
90 min / 2.400 CZK, 90EURO
120 min / 3.200 CZK, 125 EURO

2 masseuse

30 min / 2.200 CZK  85 EURO
60 min / 3.000 CZK, 115 EURO,Akce za 2.700 CZK 105 EURO
90 min / 3.600 CZK, 140 EURO
120 min / 4.400 CZK, 170 EURO


Tenga Egg is the most popular masturbator from Japan and for its great features is popular all over the world .. Each egg has a different internal processing and offers an exceptional experience. Masturbator is made of soft and very flexible medical grade silicone, thus fully adapts penis, all sizes. Perfect stimulation to ensure internal embossed texture. The package includes a one-time lubricant.

1 masseuse

30 min / 1.100 CZK, 40 EURO
60 min / 1.700 CZK, 65 EURO
90 min / 2.100 CZK, 80 EURO
120 min / 2.600 CZK,100 EURO

2 masseuse

30 min / 1.900 CZK, 70 EURO
60 min / 2.900 CZK, 110 EURO
90 min / 3.400 CZK, 130 EURO
120 min / 4.400 CZK,170 EURO

Additional services

Prostate massage / 12 EUR
Footjob / 8 EUR
Stripshow / 12 EUR

If you are interested in these services, the normal price of the massage will be increased by the specified price.