Soap erotic massage

Soapy erotic massage is one type of massage involving the client’s contact with the masseuse’s fully nude body. The objective of the soapy erotic massage is to relax the whole body and awaken your fantasy. Incredible interplay and relaxation will engender frissons of ecstasy and a feeling of intense pleasure.

Your masseuse will gently massage your whole body with unperfumed soap foam, which she will apply to your whole body endeavouring to achieve an entirely new free-flowing course of the whole massage.

Soapy erotic massage will reveal and then cover up again the masseuse’s naked body, intensifying the client’s desire. On the client’s request, climax can be delayed.

This massage does not involve sexual intercourse per se; it is purely an erotic massage.

Are you seeking a thrill? Want to give your body and soul complete relaxation?

Then come and relax in our salon! Your body and you will be regenerated!

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