Erotic massage

Massage represents a moment of pleasure following a difficult and exhausting day. By combining massage with erotic elements, the experience is even more intense and you subsequently feel full of energy.

Erotic massage begins with a gentle bath with aromatic oils and the pleasant, warm surroundings of our rooms. According to your desire, your masseuse can be seductively dressed in luxury underwear, or completely nude. Then submit to the caressing of her fingers and gentle touch. Her task is to spoil you, massage you and ensure the complete elimination of stress and tension.

No sexual intercourse per se ever takes place between the client and masseuse..

Your masseuse can delay climax during erotic massage, in accordance with your momentary wishes.

So immerse yourself in the depths of passion and indulge yourself! 

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Erotic massage Prague – We’re here for you and your pleasure. You’ll find us in the centre of Prague, Prague – Vinohrady, Prague – New Town.