Tenga Egg erotic massage

Erotic toys are a welcome aid in the world of erotica, and today they have long lost any taboo they may have had. As at the start of every erotic massage, you can enjoy a great hot bath, and your masseuse will then prepare you for the incredible experience of an erotic massage with tenga egg.

A tenga egg is a popular small sex toy – a masturbator in the shape of an egg, which comes from Japan. The special material inside the egg gives very pleasurable stimulation, offering maximum excitement and pleasure. The masseuse will use the egg to gently slide up and down your penis such that you feel a wave of pleasure and unrestrained release and excitement to the very pinnacle of climax.

Erotic massage with tenga egg is a massage full of excitement, eroticism and passion. The masseuse’s gentle and pleasurable touch, along with her sexy body will bring to you to the pinnacle of Olympus.

We also offer other types of erotic massage, such as soapy erotic massage, nuru massage, massage with tenga egg and also strip shows and lesbian shows.

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